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Glass Printing

Can glasses be printed with my logo and are there additional costs for this?

Yes, we can print glassware if you order 500 or more glasses per size using the same logo/design.
There is a one-time charge for tooling of £100+vat per design, which includes a sample glass for your approval.

Glass printing is single colour only and no gradients/shading are possible. I.e. imagine using a rubber stamp. If your logo is black, it can only be black and not various shades of grey.

Glass Colouring

Can I choose my own glass colour?

Yes, if you order 500 or more glasses per size, we can have these decorated in almost any colour. This does not include electroplating, which is unavailable in the UK.

There are no tooling costs for custom glass colouring, however there is a sample fee of £40. This does not apply if the glass is also being printed.
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